"Awesome! Perfect Performance..." Evangel Church

"We would gladly hire you again. We've had you entertain for the past four years and are looking forward to booking you again for next year. Thanks for the great show!"    Lincoln H.S.

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    "There's only one thing worse than watching a bad magician...
        and that is being the person that hired him.
     So, don't take a chance, hire a professional.
       Hire Bob Miller, a full-time pro for 15 years."

I hate to see people get "tricked" into hiring a lousy magician. I don't mean to say that I'm the only decent magician performing in Minnesota, so don't misunderstand me. But there are some performers who should not be hiring out for money and there are others who will just try to take you for as much money as they can. In other words, their prices are not justified by what they deliver.

But there are some warning signs to watch out for:
• • "I'm a personal friend of David Copperfield..." or "I do the opening act for David Copperfield..."
    - If a magician says that to you, Watch out! The magician is trying to establish his reputation based on someone else's skills. Friends with David Copperfield (or some other famous magician)? So what? That doesn't make them any more skilled at performing. It shows that they feel they need to boost their status because they can't do it on their own merits, perhaps...
• • "I'm in the magic society hall of fame!"
    - This is a meaningless claim since anyone can get in the "Hall of Fame" by paying $1000. It is just a listing of contributors, and has nothing to do with magical skills.
• • "I used to perform in Vegas..."
    - If someone is trying to indicate that they have a "Vegas Quality" act, but they're willing to do a show for $100, then this should be a warning sign. This is also an attempt to establish credibility without demonstrating any skill.
• • If the performer starts making any type of grandiose claims, this is a warning that he may be trying to SELL THROUGH EXAGGERATION.
• If the performer lowers his prices by 80% while on the phone with you.
   If the magician's price is really high, and then he continues to lower it while talking to you, that means that he would have charged you the higher price if you'd agreed. What does this say about the VALUE of this act. There must be a justification for offering "significantly reduced" rates.
• If the performer doesn't offer a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE then that means that they don't have faith that you'll enjoy the show. I post my Money-Back Guarantee on the opening page of my website. If you have to ask him for a guarantee, this could be a warning too...

How can you verify that you're getting a good act?
   Ask around. Ask for and check references. This is the most important. Call some people to check a magician's reputation. A good magician will have numerous references posted on the website. You can check mine here... I'm continually adding new references. Currently I have more than 100 on-line.

Are you shopping entirely based on price?
  You can always find a cheaper performer if you look hard enough. But don't. All magicians are not the same. There is a reason that prices are different. If you have an event that HAPPENS ONCE A YEAR, IS IT WORTH THE RISK in order to save a hundred bucks? That averages out to only $8 a month.
  Story: I heard from someone who had to sit through a lousy magic show at an event. "It was almost embarrassing to even watch it." he said. So, don't put your CUSTOMERS or EMPLOYEES through that. And don't put your good name on the line by hiring a bad performer.

If you have any questions about anything in this report, please call me: Bob Miller 507-281-2213










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