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Parents: Make your child's Birthday UNFORGETTABLE!



School Shows

Choose from a variety of school shows:

Elementary School Shows: Elementary school shows can be performed in front of hundreds of students at once. Choose a show that is pure entertainment or choose a message show:

The Message shows emphasize fun while sharing an age-appropriate message.

Referrals from past Elementary School Show:

High School Shows: Bob often performs close-up magic for After-Prom Parties or Graduation Night Parties. Close-up Magic is most appreciated by high school students. Students are amazed by magic that is performed right in front of them. They can participate in the tricks and handle the objects. Just set a table for Bob to perform at, and any students that like magic will come back repeatedly to see dozens of different tricks with cards, coins, string, rings, and other ordinary objects.

Referrals from past High School shows:


Comedy Magic Stage Show for Adults

This show includes:

  • The Cut & Restored Tie trick involves a volunteer's tie, a rope, a super-sharp scissors... and at the end of the routine everything is NOT is one piece.
  • A few silent magical dramas with music.
  • The Powers of Darkness demonstrates that the audience can be very entertained while the volunteer on stage is the only person who is completely mystified as to the workings of the trick.
  • The Burned Bill Bar-B-Que is the hilarious closing routine in Bob's Deluxe Show. The audience is in stitches while the volunteer's money is taken on a magical-joyride that may crash and burn (the borrowed bill!)
  • And many more routines.

There will be plenty of fun and mystery as Bob invites several audience volunteers on stage to assist him. No one will have a clue as to how the tricks are performed, but they won't care because they'll be too busy laughing!

Read comments from company events...

Walk-Around Magic for All Ages

This type of magic works best at social hours, picnics, receptions, or carnivals. Bob walks around and performs eye-popping close-up magic tricks with objects that he carries in his pockets like cards, coins, rope, rings, scarves, etc.

Hey Bob! Just a note to let you know what a HIT you were for our wedding! Everybody thought that was sooooo cool to have you there and we appreciate your show! Thank you so much! It was a very unique touch! You did a wonderful job! Thanks
                    Brock and Julie Edwards!

(Read more Wedding Show comments...)

People are amazed to see him performing close-up and surrounded.

Do you want to see Bob doing this? Bob does Walk-Around Magic at restaurants in SE MN. Click here to see a listing.

Basic Magic Birthday Party Show for young kids

Children love magic! They're not certain that it's not real- they almost believe in it!

The Birthday Party show is appropriate for a living room or backyard environment where you'll have less than 25 kids present. The show has plenty of audience interaction and volunteers to focus the energy of this young audience.

There's a special moment at the end of the show where the birthday child becomes the magician and does a trick for everyone. So have your camera ready!

After the show, all of the children will receive a customized balloon animal or hat.

This is one of THREE DIFFERENT Birthday options. To learn about all of the Birthday Shows, CLICK HERE. To receive a birthday brochure a month before your child's birthday, CLICK HERE.

Balloons and Twists

Balloons & Twists

There are times when all you want for the kids is balloons! Balloons & Twists is for those times. It includes a sign that has pictures of many balloon animals, hats and toys for the children to choose. We use a non-electric pump that inflates a 6' balloon in one stroke. Then, the trained Balloons & Twists worker will twist the balloon into a memorable toy for the children.

We also can insert small high-bounce balls into an inflated balloon to make a special balloon toy for the child. After the balloon breaks, the child still has a ball to play with!

Blue & Gold Banquets for Scouts

Kids LOVE Magic!
This fun, family oriented Magic Show includes
   • Music
   • Audience Participation,
   • Amazing Tricks including The Cut & Restored Neckerchief trick.

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"Bob Miller's Magic Show was enjoyed by scouts and adults alike. This is the third year we have hired him, and would certainly consider hiring him for next year's banquet. Bob brought a bunch of new tricks, so the scouts who saw him the last two years were still captivated." -Rodney Griffing, Pac 221 Holmen, WI

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