Wedding Magician
Offices in Savage, MN
and Rochester, MN
Your guests have traveled for miles to share in your special day.
Give them a gift of magical entertainment at your reception
as a way to say "Thank-you!"
"You did such a fantastic job entertaining our audience at our wedding reception!
We have gotten so many compliments from young and old alike!
Thank you so much for your adaptability and for being such a unique touch to our special day!
It was truly a hit!"
Brock and Julie Edwards
Wine glasses

"The show at the reception was a big hit - We couldn't be more satisfied... It was great- just what we wanted... Thanks!" 
Vickie Rutten

Entertainment packages:
Walk-Around Magic for adults during the reception.

  This is sophisticated sleight of hand magic that is presented to adult audiences. No kiddie tricks here! Your audience will be amazed to see close-up magic performed right at their table, and even in their own hands!
  Watch The Ring Trick video...
Wedding reception magic

Kid's Magic Show.

  This is a good choice if you want a special show just for the children. It is a half hour stand-up show with magic, music, balloon animals, and audience participation for kids ages 5 to 12. This routined show uses larger props, sound equipment, and a designated performing area.   Set-up and take-down is required. 

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