The Memory Magic Show for Elementary Students
Ele-Memory Magic Show
by Bob Miller
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       Bob Miller's Elememory Show     10 foot pole                                                                                        
  "Students in grades 3 - 5 have lots to memorize, from math facts to states & capitols & events in the Revolutionary War.
    This tool will help them to make connections and hopefully remember information without much trouble. (Good for adults too!)"

    -elementary school teacher
    surprise box     card castle                                                                                        
  brain hat    
"Nice Feature - It challenges them to
"Think about how they think"
- which is great!"

   -elementary school teacher
    brain facts                                                                                        
"The students were amazed by your tricks. I was glad that you offered more than just entertainment.
The suggestions and strategies for improving one's memory were very meaningful.
Thank-you for making it both fun and educational."

   - elementary school teacher
    floating brain     elementary school children                                                                                        
  big pink egg    
"I think the kids had fun. Good variety of Tricks & Illusions
with Fun Brain Facts mixed in."

   - elementary school teacher
    cut and restored kid                                                                                        
        crystal box     eggs over easy